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Seize the chance to see Brussels from a hot air balloon in safety and comfort.
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Fancy a balloon flight in Brussels? Read on! Our balloon flights take off and land throughout the Brussels region. Have you always wanted to see your town, village, business or favourite place from a hot air balloon? Would you like to make your proposal of marriage in a hot air balloon? A lover of photography with a taste for the bird’s eye view? A hot air balloon flight as an original team building activity? Or just interested in a unique activity in Brussels? Discover our way of working for an unforgettable balloon flight.

Balloon flights in Brussels with C-Air

Preparation for balloon flight

We are confident that we will meet and exceed all your expectations when you hear the words “balloon flight in Brussels”.

Before we take off in the balloon, we naturally have to make sure every detail is ready. It’s also a chance to ask any questions, which we’ll be very happy to answer. You can help us to get the balloon ready. That way you’ll get to know the pilot and other team members better. This increases confidence, which is very important to us. C-Air aims to make everyone who sets foot in our basket feel good.


Once we have made everything ready for departure, the balloon flight over Brussels already seems a bit more tangible. Then it’s time for the real work. Seize the chance to see your favourite places in Brussels from a hot air balloon. We fly for around an hour. A balloon flight over Brussels has lots to offer. Step in and fly with us over the tourist sights in the Brussels region:

  • Brussels,
  • Court-Saint-Étienne,
  • Wavre,
  • Waterloo,

Meander with us along:

  • the Dijle,
  • the Kleine Gete,
  • the Grote Gete,
  • or the Zilverbeek.

Fly above the Lion Mound at Waterloo, Walibi and the Villers-la-ville abbey. Discover the beauty of the Hageland from the air, and surrender to the magic of the historic city of Brussels. Fly along the meanders of the Zilverbeek or the Dijle in Brussels. Enjoy the silence during a balloon flight over Louvain-la-Neuve and the Domaine provincial du Bois des Rêves. Experience the conviviality of a balloon flight to the full when you fly over Brussels.

Ballooning certificate

Once we’re safely back on land, we’ll treat you to a glass of champagne. And you’ll be given a ballooning certificate as a souvenir of a fantastic balloon flight. We’ll carry on chatting while we pack the balloon away and take you back to your car in our van and jeep. View our full offer here

More info about balloon flights

Eager to fly high above Brussels? If you have any other questions about balloon flights in your region, don’t hesitate to contact us.

David Spildooren

David Spildooren has been an aviation enthusiast since youth.

He first flew in a hot air balloon at the age of sixteen. He soon became a commercial balloon pilot, and has now clocked up around 2.000 flying hours.

When he isn’t piloting commercial balloon flights, David can be found taking part in balloon races all over Europe. He also takes part in an annual balloon flight in the Alps.

Our pilot has already become Belgian ballooning champion 4 times (2018, 2021, 2022 and 2023) and is currently among the 10 best balloonists in the world.

David also flies as an airline pilot for Brussels Airlines, so aviation holds no secrets for him.