Balloon flight over Antwerp


Seize the chance to see the province of Antwerp from a hot air balloon in safety and comfort.
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What attracts you to a balloon flight in Antwerp? Have you always dreamed of one day flying over the province of Antwerp in a hot air balloon? Do you want to see the place where you live, relax or grew up from the air? Would you like to make your proposal of marriage in a hot air balloon? Are you an amateur photographer seeking a bird’s eye view? Are you look for something for your staff other than the traditional paintballing or company barbecue? Or do you want an unforgettable outing with family and friends? At C-Air we’re delighted to help.

Balloon flights in Antwerp with C-Air Ballonvaart

Seize the chance to see the province of Antwerp from a hot air balloon in safety and comfort.

Preparation for balloon flight

Looking for a balloon flight in Antwerp? Would you like to experience the province from a hot air balloon? We have the perfect formula for you at C-air. We happily answer all your questions and take plenty of time to prepare everything properly. We show you exactly how a hot air balloon works. You can help us to prepare the balloon. That all strengthens the relationship of trust between the pilot and his passengers, which is very important to us.


Once everything has been made ready, it’s finally time! We take off from the municipality or town of your choice. The balloon flight itself lasts about an hour. Enjoy a taste of Antwerp from the air. Float with us over:

  • the Kempen,
  • the city of Antwerp
  • Scheldeland,
  • the Kalmthoutse Heide,
  • the Rupel region.

Meander with us along:

  • the Schelde,
  • the Grote Nete,
  • the Kleine Nete,
  • the Dijle,
  • or the Rupel

and wave at Brabo in Antwerp. Discover the charm of the Rupel region and be amazed by the utter silence above the Tommorowland festival site in Boom. Enjoy the beach life above the Lilse Bergen, the Zilvermeer in Mol and the beach at Sint-Anneke. Hold on tight for the Bobbejaanland rollercoaster and the threat of Fort Duffel, Oelegem, Koningshooikt or Lier. See the Mastenbos in Kapellen from the air, and meander along the line of the trenches. High above woods, dunes and mores, enjoy the wonderful countryside of the Kalmthoutse Heide and the Turnhout wetlands. See iconic images, such as the Zimmer tower in Lier, St. Rumbold’s Tower in Mechelen, and Antwerp’s Cathedral of Our Lady and the Boerentoren from the air.

Ballooning certificate

Once we have landed the basket and balloon safely on the ground, it’s time for the traditional glass of champagne. And we give you a ballooning certificate as proof of your unique experience.

More info about balloon flights in Antwerp

If you’re curious and would like more information, for example about the cost of a balloon flight in Antwerp, don’t hesitate to contact us. View our full offer here.

Balloon flight gift voucher for Antwerp

We also offer a gift voucher for a balloon flight in the province of Antwerp.

David Spildooren

David Spildooren has been an aviation enthusiast since youth.

He first flew in a hot air balloon at the age of sixteen. He soon became a commercial balloon pilot, and has now clocked up around 2.000 flying hours.

When he isn’t piloting commercial balloon flights, David can be found taking part in balloon races all over Europe. He also takes part in an annual balloon flight in the Alps.

Our pilot has already become Belgian ballooning champion 4 times (2018, 2021, 2022 and 2023) and is currently among the 10 best balloonists in the world.

David also flies as an airline pilot for Brussels Airlines, so aviation holds no secrets for him.